Varano Sand Sculpture Company LLC

Varano Sand Sculpture Company (VSS) brand is a premium sand sculpture services provider based the USA. It was established in the early 1980's to meet the growing needs of the entertainment and promotions industry worldwide for high caliber sand sculpture displays and sand event design and management.
Headquarters in Central Florida with offices in Orlando and on the east coast at Edgewater, there are also regional and international associates with offices worldwide.

Through various subsidiaries we can provide a broad range of comprehensive sand sculpting services from small sized to the colossal in scope & scale. From displays of individual sand sculptures for all manner of special occasions or events. Or, multiple sculptures in multiple markets all at the same time. We also provide lessons and workshops, as well as strategies for fund raising for charities & brand recognition and awareness for commercial entities. Sand sculptures are ideal media hooks and good for publicity stunts. We also provide faux sand sculptures which are lightweight and movable and can be reused over and over again.

The owner and managing director is Rich Varano.

Other sand sculpture brands under the VSS umbrella include:
Sandude     Sultans Of Sand Worldwide      Sandtopia

Contact us at info@RichVarano.com

About Rich Varano
Rich Varano
Varano - March 2010
Richard Dennis Varano  

Conceived:   July 4, 1957
D.O.B.       March 30, 1958 @ Binghamton NY
N.S.B. Fl.   High School Grad  '76
1970:          First sand sculpture contest (first place family)

Home:        Central Florida - Orlando &  N.S.B./Edgewater & Oak Hill .

Owner::       Varano Sand Sculpture Company llc.

Web:           www.sultansofsand.com
Email:          Info@SultansOfSand.com

Rich Varano at age 6
Rich Varano age 6
Summer '64:  First recorded experience with sand sculpting:
New Smyrna Beach Florida.

    Father frank would dig holes on the beach and sculpt cars, planes, ships, etc around his children Valerie, Catherine and Richard, the oldest at 6yrs. To keep them out of traffic. Literally. To the right in the photo is a vast hard packed shoreline that cars drive and park on, all along the east coast in Volusia County (Daytona) Florida.

  That was over two decades ago.

Established Varano Sand Sculpture Co. early 80's
Employed at Sea World in Orlando 8 years in the mid 1980's -90's as the full time sand sculptor. 40 hrs per week. Creating  sand art displays as entertainment for the thousands of guest visiting the park each day, There, he honed his sand sculpting (& people) skills, even more.
Rich at age 49
Varano age 49

1996 :  Embarked on worldwide tour that continues to the present day.

Currently has over 100 associate worldwide who contract with him on an as needed basis.
collectively known as the Sultans Of Sand Worldwide.

1998-present: Two months each year in Jesolo (Venice) Italy, directing the International  Sand  Sculpture Festival each spring, and the Sand Nativity  just before christmas.

Currently developing the United States Sand Sculpting Championships & the Italian National Championships, both expected to be operational in 2011.

Developing SANDTOPIA Sand Parks.

Competition history
 In 1970 at Daytona Beach Florida. Pre teen Varano, on the family team won the first sand sculpture contest he ever entered.  He also won the first pro event he ever entered in 1984.
He has approximately a 95% ratio of  wins and high finishes in competitions to date. He has won many of the worlds finest sand events multiple times, including the American Sandsculpting (sic) Festival The North American Sand Sculpting Festival Solos and Teams, SPI Sand Castle Days. Parksville, Quebec City, Moscow, Venice,  and spanish international championships and many more. Including 12 awards at the world championships and the world grand master sand sculpting Championships at Harrison two out of the three times the event was held.


 With Russian Pavel Mylnikov
Grandmaster Champions

Rich Varano began sand sculpting at age six on New Smyrna Beach, on the central east coast of Florida, in Volusia County.
  When his father Frank, a sand sculpture enthusiast himself, since before he married and started a family circa 1950, showed the boy how a big pile of sand one could shovel up in just ten minutes or so could quickly and easily be rendered into fun and amazing sand sculptures, he went home and threw away his play-doh.
Varano practiced the craft as a hobby periodically, ever since. Until one day as a young man in his twenties, he discovered people would pay him to do it.  Not long after that  he was doing it for a living, and has been doing so exclusively, ever since. At this writing he is developing his first of what he expect to be a worldwide franchise in ten years

After eight years in the 80's & 90's  doing both his full time sand sculpting job at Sea World and running his burgeoning sand sculpture business, which was providing sand sculpture entertainment for the special events industry worldwide, he became too busy to do both.  So, although Sea World was a great company to work for and provided good benefits, he let that go to dedicate himself full time to his growing global sand sculpture company.

  He immediately was on tour, and has spent much of the time since then living in various hotels around the world.